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Thread: Is it weird to listen Baroque music nowadays?

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    Ooh yes, please let it be weird; I've been a law-abiding teacherly person all my life, and now my inside weirdness is just aching to escape...
    My fiddle my joy.

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    If life were dictated by convention it would be enormously dull! It is not uncommon to receive replies in the vein of "What, you serious? Classical music?!" or "Wow, you're weird" -- etc. etc. Whatever. It speaks only to their lack of imagination. Baroque music stands out especially because it sounds most "old-fashioned"; later orchestral practices and instrumentation are already closer to what many living today are used to due to film and video game scores.

    The word 'weird' is rather weird, incidentally. Were does it come from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheyenne View Post
    The word 'weird' is rather weird, incidentally. Were does it come from?

    O.E. wyrd "fate, destiny" (n.), lit. "that which comes," from P.Gmc. *wurthis (cf. O.S. wurd, O.H.G. wurt "fate," O.N. urðr "fate, one of the three Norns"), from PIE *wert- "to turn, wind," (cf. Ger. werden, O.E. weorðan "to become"), from base *wer- "to turn, bend" (see versus). For sense development from "turning" to "becoming," cf. phrase turn into "become." The modern sense of weird developed from M.E. use of weird sisters for the three fates or Norns (in Gmc. mythology), the goddesses who controlled human destiny. They were usually portrayed as odd or frightening in appearance, as in "Macbeth," which led to the adj. meaning "odd-looking, uncanny," first recorded 1815.

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    ^^ That's weird...
    The Brain - is wider than the Sky

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