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Thread: help with a little classical brochure project please

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    Default help with a little classical brochure project please

    I'm designing a classical concert brochure and I'd like to ask people's opinions on what they like and what they don't like. I'd really appreciate your help. Please could you take a moment to look at the below brochures and tell me what mistakes they make and what they get right.
    I'd really appreciate the advice of people who are in the know - people who go to classical concerts. Thanks loads. Deb

    London Symphony Orchestra

    Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester

    Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

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    Links 1 and 3 are broken.

    My comment about Bergen, limited by the fact I don't read Norwegian, is that it is chronological rather by genre. I'd only be interested in opera (I did find Siegfried) and would have given up after about 30 pages. Maybe others with specific tastes would feel the same.

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    The graphic design for the second link looks wonderful.

    I also like the magazines from La Scena Musicale:
    We few, we happy few, we band of chipmunks....

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