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Thread: Gesturing polyrhythmic lines or phrasing - ::anger face::

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    Default Gesturing polyrhythmic lines or phrasing - ::anger face::

    This... THIS...THIS!

    Its ingenious orchestration, hinting at the carnal nature of Stéphane Mallarmé's poem L'après-midi d'un Faune while drawing references to similar moments in Wagner and Tchaikovsky .. but THIS! How do you gesture this out without confusing players (student players in this case), and yourself. Do you just focus on the theme and pray that the wind players are from the Berliner Philharmoniker can take care it all on their own, or do you focus on the winds thinking that as long as you give the downbeats to the strings they can play out the theme however they'd like?

    How would Pierre Boulez do this ? Or actually, how would you approach this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daspianist View Post
    Or actually, how would you approach this?
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    It appears right at the beginning here:

    To me he appears to be conducting mostly the strings
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