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Thread: Deviations Project

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    Default Deviations Project

    I heard Deviations Project playing overhead this weekend at B&N this weekend and wanted to share with everyone here.

    Deviations Project is a very modern, forward thinking album covering great classical pieces like Bizet's "Carmen" and Bach's "Sonata in Gm" to contemporary pieces including John Williams' "theme to Schindler's List" and Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells."

    I don't think they have deviated (pun intended) too far from the originals - and surprised me with a few other selections - and the original compositions really impressed me!

    I found their myspace page here where you can find out more.

    Let me know what you think....

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    Aside from the fact that there is a violin involved, I'm not sure what they have in common with classical music. It sounds like a cross between really bad old-school techno and pseudo-international new age violin music.

    Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.
    - Ludwig van Beethoven

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    I'll rate it with being ok ... not my real favorite genre, but then if it helps promote others into appreciating classical music, then I'm all for that. I enjoyed the listen - for me it would be good for keeping one alert on long trips


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    I'll check this out since you mentioned it. But I'm perplexed as to why people should want to make a deal out of spanning several eras. Most of us do...playing or listening to a variety of styles from classical through the "easy listening" and dance styles of the last century, to what's actually playable from today's music.
    Pop or classical, the notes on the staves, on the frets of a guitar, keys on a keyboard are the same... Tubular Bells proves that. So what's the deal?

    Anyway, I'll see if I can find something on this piece.
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