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Thread: Trying to form a chamber orchestra in the NYC region, looking for musicians

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    Default Trying to form a chamber orchestra in the NYC region, looking for musicians

    Looking to form a Orchestra specifically of musician who are currently enrolled or who have just graduated any music college in New York City Region. Our goal is to form a chamber orchestra and begin rehearsals in a church(TBA). Our beginning repertoire will consist of music from the classical era (Mozart symphonies,Beethoven symphonies (Up to the 8th) ,Schubert symphonies,Haydn symphonies, etc.) This is a serious matter orchestra. We are looking for dedicated musicians who have a strong passion to make music with us. We are looking to found a orchestra that will be come successful in the near future. This is a large project that will take much time so dedication to the orchestra is a very important component. We hope to find anyone out there of good heart and musicianship. If we can get enough musicians to help us form this ensemble it will be a dream come true. If anyone would like to join us, please contact us at and we will get back to you right away.
    Looking for the following,
    2 Flutes,
    2 Oboes,
    2 Clarinets,
    2, Bassoons,
    2 Trumpets,
    2 Horns,
    2 (possibly) Trombones
    4 Violin I
    4 Violin II,
    2-4 Violas,
    2-4 Cellos,
    2 Basses
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