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Thread: Does Listening To Classical Music Enhance One's Listening Ability In Other Genres?

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    I believe it's the 3rd Bagatelle that reminds me of G-Spot Tornado? I bought too much classical music in the past two years. It'll probably take me 20 years to get familiar with all of this stuff. And 20 years after that I'll be dead!

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    I feel that listening to opera singers, as well as studying singing myself (which I did during my early college years -- the same period that I discovered opera) has enhanced my appreciation of Broadway musical-theatre singing, and that knowing opera has somewhat enhanced my appreciation of the Broadway musical-theatre form. For instance, I've noticed in the past that certain songs in musicals sort of resemble certain numbers in operas; thus I feel like I know something that the average Broadway fan who's not an opera-goer doesn't know. As for singing, it takes less voice and less volume to sing in musicals than it does to sing in operas -- and yet there's something about the simplicity of musical-theatre singing that I like. But this is something I couldn't truly appreciate before I knew opera.

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