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Thread: Easy atonal, non-tonal, twelve-tone etc. piano repertoire

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    Default Easy atonal, non-tonal, twelve-tone etc. piano repertoire

    I'll organize this list at a later date. For now I'll just compile what I've found so far that seems intriguing. Have not taught nor played any of these yet, have only heard a couple. I'm tempted to include modal, pentatonic, chromatic, etc. pieces, but not right now.

    Arnold Schoenberg - Six Little Piano Pieces op. 19
    Frederik Rzewski - North American Ballads, No. 1 Dreadful Memories
    Gyorgy Ligeti - Etudes, Book 1, Arc-en-ciel
    Luciano Berio - 6 Encores for Piano Solo, Wasserklavier
    Pierre Boulez - Douze Notations, Nos. 3,4,5,7,8
    John Cage - Piano Works 1935-48, In a Landscape
    Anton Webern - Kinderstuck fur Piano
    Otto Joachim - 12 Twelve-tone Pieces for Children

    Not sure about these ones:

    John Weinzweig - Suite for Piano No. 1, Theme with Variables
    Otto Joachim - L'Eclosion
    Olivier Messiaen - Préludes, Plainte calme, Instants défunts, Chant d'extasedans un paysage triste
    Robert Starer - Sketches in Color, sets 1, 2
    Bela Bartok - Mikrokosmos, For Children, vols 1, 2, several other works
    omnia vincit amor - Virgil

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    Does Copland's Cat and Mouse count as non-tonal? If so, that might be one of the easiest in the repertoire. I think it's more like clinically depressed Debussy though.

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    Default 12-note fixed register piece

    I've got a piece that fits into that category, it is a 12-note fixed register piece the first of Four Piano Pieces.

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    What! Where's 4' 33"?

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    Just hit random keys on the keyboard. I've composed many a atonal masterpiece using this method.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curiosity View Post
    Just hit random keys on the keyboard. I've composed many a atonal masterpiece using this method.
    You'd be surprised just how tonal random notes generally are.

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    Alexander Tcherepnin is very easy to play and fully modern, like simplified Prokofiev.

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