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Thread: Best box set of Bachs organ works?

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    Question Best box set of Bachs organ works?

    Don't have one yet. Been waiting years for Nimbus to box the Bowyer set, but no luck. They're my favorites.

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    I have the Hurford set on Decca - love it.
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    Don't forget the Walcha set, preferably the stereo one. He is not the most exciting but probably, over all, one of the best at clearly portraying all the lines that makes Bach music so easy to get lost in, time after time. Biggs was possibly better but there's no box. His Passacalglia is like no other, for example.
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    If considering Walcha, don´t forget to compare his playing with that of others in a couple of the more temperamental pieces, for instance BW565 etc. I find him too dry.
    As regards budget releases, Fagius has modern sound and is more exciting, likewise the very ancient Kraft is passionate, recommended.

    Haven´t heard Hurford, but would consider that also.

    Given the relatively large number of complete sets, I guess reading some comparative reviews on the web would be very informative overall ....
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