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    I am a American composer of music who is looking for groups and orchestras that is looking for music submissions.i have wrote so far music for solos to sextets ,concertos,Symphonys and 2 overtures.i can be reached here or email at

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    I may offer you two rotten cauliflowers for writing violin concerto for me. It must be in slow tempo and have at least two bars of rest between each note I play so I have time to find the pitch. Those notes can't be too long too because I can't sustain a note too long before it begins to scratch. I also must include notion that performer is allowed to play the wrong pitch if suddenly inspired to do so, just in case. If you're interested find me in my shop: Number fifteen in the left hand, four steps, white facade, five wigs in the window, sign on a "fine ointment" shows in blue the modern. There is' to teach a lantern. No doubt you will find it.

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