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    That is very awesome DVD. They moved the story a bit forward in time by using XVIIIth century-like customes but it doesn't spoil anything. Juliette's night dress is very sensual and stuff, only Romeo's stuff gets dangerously close to kitsch, one could say he bought it in shop for goths, you know, those quasi-metalheads who like to dress like vampires. Why did they dress Tybald and other less important characters better than Romeo?

    This Romeo couldn't resist making comedy in tragic opera. The first duet in Act I is performed as it would be comic opera, typical Villazon tricks, Machaidze follows him and they both act like their characters would be silly youths, not fair nobles. But it didn't hurt me that much.

    Staging is very pleasing and animated, the duels are fought with flair (big + for the Gounod for writing enough music without singing for the duel so it could actually take place!) and though there is not much of rich scenography it's all very convicing.

    Villazon's French is far from perfect but his abilities of vocal expression improve the impression. Despite his comic acting in some of the scenes he succeeds to portray strongly dramatic character. Same with Juliette, she's splendid here, somehow her "Je Veux Vivre" didn't get me but for the whole role she deserves highest acclaim. All the rest of singers keep to their level and the orchestra gives full justice to colourful score, actually it's the best orchestral part I can think of among recent productions I've seen.

    I would give this DVD strong 8/10, or 9/10 or why even bother with these worthless numbers - it's enough to say that it's great experience to watch and listen to it.t
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