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Thread: Death AND The Maiden

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mango View Post
    This work, D 956, is truly superb. It's one of the best chamber pieces ever written. I prefer it to anything written by Beethoven. How come you aren't too familiar? It's a standard, a real classic. The second movement in particular is fantastic. In the 20 months after Beethoven's death, Schubert went on a composing frenzy partly because he knew that his days were numbered (he died Nov 1828) and partly out of reverence to Beethoven. Just about everything Schubert wrote in this period is a stunner. D 956 was among the very last pieces composed.
    I sometimes find myself thinking: "Is Schubert over-rated?". Then I think of the last few string quartets, and the string quintet, and remember.
    If a composer had only written one of those, they would still be a great. Absolute masterpieces.

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    For Death of/and/on/in the Maiden I happen to like this recording. I do have two others but this is the one for me. From the 70's and I believe long out of print after it's LP release. It was available free and legal as a download for a while from the CQ historical website, but no longer I'm afraid. Great playing and sound.

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    I have Quartetto Italiano which is superb

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