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Thread: What Are You Working On Right Now? (Strings Version)

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    Now I'm practising the G major key. Before this I played mostly chorals in F major or, less commonly, C major. So soon I will have together the most important major keys.

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    Nikita Koshkin's Prelude and Fugue in F-Sharp minor. Here is is ex-wife playing this very demanding work (especially the Fugue...whew!):

    (This is the closest we guitarists will get to a guitar work by Shostakovich!)

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    Been working a bit on the Fandango lately from Rodrigo's Three Spanish Pieces.

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    I haven't had a fiddle lesson since May 2019, just before we left Norfolk for Yorkshire. I was thinking of finding another teacher after we'd found our new home in Gemtown near York, but then came lockdown.

    To keep my hand in, I have a repertoire of tunes, mostly Scottish with some Irish and some Playford, that I try to do each week, though I also revisit sheet music of various sorts - baroque, klezmer - that I played with my East Anglian Fiddle Guru.

    The latest tune that I've added to my repertoire is Johnny Cock Thy Beaver, from The Division Violin, the Playford publication of 1684. - if any violinist here would like to try it.

    There are other pieces from this book that I've played, including St Paul's Steeple, which I may return to at some point.
    Here's the tune played by The Witches:

    And here's the sheet music:
    When I used to play this for Fiddle Guru, I didn't entirely master it. It always felt scary, and it's scarier still now that I'm out of practice - I think my standard in any case has slipped in the two years without a teacher. Still, it would be good for me. Use it or lose it.
    My fiddle my joy.

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    I've recently picked up a work that I took a stab at once in my youth - Hindemith's Violin Sonata in E. This is a wonderful piece which presents just the right degree of challenge for me at my current level of ability. But there's one passage that continues to plague me.

    In the second movement, 3-4 bars after the "V" mark, there is a shift from an F# (played in fifth postion on the A string) to a high A on the E string (which I play with the third finger in 8th position). I never get this first time. I have to go over it again and usually get it the second time, but never the first. I don't know what is wrong with me - I can't seem to hear the note in my mind, which is half of one's success in position shifting. It bugs me no end.

    Playing with a pianist for the first time tomorrow. I just know I'm going to embarrass myself!

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