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Thread: The "Current Listening..." Thread

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    Default The "Current Listening..." Thread

    Hi, I'm sorry for posting in here again but I'm having problems keeping up with the "Current Listening..." thread. I like to go back and take note of CDs perhaps it's a soloist I'm fond of our a recording I haven't seen before etc. Sometimes though the more users are online and posting to it the harder it becomes to find that CD.

    Quote Originally Posted by science View Post
    Science posted this and it's the second time I've seen this CD in a few days. Unless I've missed it I can't find who posted it before. Is there any chance maybe when it gets to 1000 pages that you guys could lock "Current Listening..." and call it "Current Listening... 2006 - 2012 and start a new "Current Listening..." thread? It's not a major issue so it's no problem either way just a thought.

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    I'm a little confused by your question - surely you are able to navigate back to previous pages of the thread? There's usually page navigation buttons at the top of a multipage thread. Also you can diddle with the http address directly.
    I have a bad connection at home, so sometimes I save pages to my computer for later reference. I do this mostly with wikipedia articles, but have also done it with current listening posts.

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