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Thread: I'm a real musician now.

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    Default I'm a real musician now.

    I'm a bass guitar player in a band now.

    I just have to actually learn to play bass. I've had it for a few years but have had no motivation to do anything but fake it badly.

    Just feel like showing off. :P
    Weep not for little Leonie,
    Abducted by a French marquis!
    Though loss of honor was a wrench
    Just think how it's improved her French.

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    well, well...congratulations!
    try to learn both tabs and standard notation.


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    It's really to hear about this.

    Next step: teach your boyfriend the lyrics to "Behind the Wall of Sleep" by The Smithereens. Sample stanza-

    Well, she held a bass guitar
    and she was playin' in a band
    and she stood just like Bill Wyman
    Now I am her biggest fan
    The hardest knife ill us'd doth lose his edge. Shakespeare- Sonnet 95

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