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Thread: What opera are you currently listening to / watching? CD/DVD

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    Quote Originally Posted by starthrower View Post

    This box arrived today and I went straight to Das Rheingold. Sounds awesome!
    That Ring has awesome sound.
    When all else fails, listen to Thick as a Brick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanAntone View Post
    Mozart: Die Zauberflöte
    Karl Böhm – 1964 (studio; stereo) DG
    Orchestra - Berliner Philharmoniker; Chorus - RIAS Kammerchor

    Tamino - Fritz Wunderlich
    Papageno - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
    Königin der Nacht - Roberta Peters
    Sprecher - Hans Hotter
    Pamina - Evelyn Lear
    Sarastro - Franz Crass
    Monostatos - Friedrich Lenz
    Papagena - Lisa Otto
    1er Geharnischter - James King
    2er Geharnischter - Martti Talvela
    Erste Dame - Hildegard Hillebrecht
    Zweite Dame - Cvetka Ahlin
    Dritte Dame - Sieglinde Wagner
    Erster Knabe - Antonia Fahberg
    Zweiter Knabe - Rosl Schwaiger
    Dritter Knabe - Raili Kostia
    Erster Priester - Martin Vantin
    Zweiter Priester - Manfred Röhrl
    My favourite Flute.
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    An awesome Ring and you can find the videos of the live performance on You Tube (no subtitles thought).
    This CD set is also available as part of a nice box set of Wagner operas.

    Here is Walkure:
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    Massenet: Werther

    Jonas Kaufmann (Werther), Sophie Koch (Charlotte), Ludovic Tézier (Albert), Anne-Catherine Gillet (Sophie)

    Orchestre e Chœur de l'Opéra National de Paris, Michel Plasson
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