Prodigal has been a producer for over eight years. His journey started in the advertising industry producing radio and tv commercials. He later started to produce hip hop music which over time evolved across all the musical genres, today Prodigal resides in Belize. His album titled "Masters Revisited Vol. 1" which features original music compositions form old masters such as Mozart, Debussy, Beethoven and Bach just to name a few. His prospectives on old masters works are interesting not only for it's contemprary vision but also for his unique rearrangements at the same time, respecting the standing integrity which the old classical masters always represented. This album has recieved rave reviews within classical music genre. Simply a must have for any serious music collector. Widely available on most music download sites including, apple itunes,Rhapsody, sony connect,ruckus, napster and most places download music is sold online.