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    Default Hide a thread?

    Newbie question here.

    Is it possible using this board's software to hide a thread that doesn't interest you in order to more easily scan updates on those that do?

    To take just one example, this thread:
    Sticky: Please read if requesting help for identifying a classical music piece

    is really just a posting about policy whose message I have now received, and I would prefer not to see it each time I am scanning for new thread content. (Not to pick on that thread in particular--it is just an example!) Anyway, is there a way for me to make a thread that does not interest me invisible, in order to make the site more manageable for me?

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    Simple answer is no. The only way to "hide" any particular post is to place the user on your "ignore" list ... doing that would hide, globaly, every post that person has made, so it's not a good choice.

    You can, however, "subscribe" to particular threads ... and there are various options for notification if a post has been added to a subscribed thread. When visiting, one can simply check their 'subscribed list' at go directly to that thread without having to traverse through each forum section.

    If anyone is thinking about trying to put a staff member on your ignore list ... , forget it ... Moderators & Admins can't be ignored ... ... Well ... we can be ignored , which happens sometimes, but mods/admins are exempt from being placed on any members ignore list.
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    Thank you, Krummhorn. And again, didn't mean to "single out" you or your post--it was just a relatively straightforward example.

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