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Thread: confused about trills

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    Default confused about trills

    i've been talking with a friend about the trills in edvard grieg's anitra's dance.

    he's telling me that some of the trills in the first section are whole tone trills while others are half-tone trills.

    as best i can tell from three different sheet music sources, all the trills in the first section are half-tone trills.

    can someone please resolve this for me?

    thanks in advance


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    Im just checking my score which is the Eulenburg edition.

    All the trills are normal, but remember: in C Major, a trill on E only goes up half a tone to F, and the same with B to C. These trills do occur in the score.
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    Yeah, I agree with emiellucifuge. I looked over the orchestral score as well, and the trills are definitely done within the key signature. So, since you are in A Minor, you should not be doing a trill with anything but two white keys in this particular piece. If Grieg wanted you to do only half-step trills, he would have included some little flat signs above his a few of his trill marks.

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    Do you start the trill on the chord? I have heard these done different ways.

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    While I don't think the practice is entirely consistent, my understanding is that one typically starts above the note being trilled.
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