Sorry to necropost, but your B7 and C8 fingerings helped me, so I figured I'd return the favor:

C#8 - T 100|0100|B
D8 - T 100|0204
Eb8 - T 100|½000
... (???)
A8 - T ½20|1030


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Hi! I realize this post is several years old at this point, but as a classical musician who recently picked up the recorder, I thought I would share my two cents on the upper limits of Garklein fingerings.

Let me first preface with that I am by no means a professional recorder player and that other (and no doubt better) fingerings likely exist. However, these seem to work for me and I hope they will for you, too. Now, without further ado, here are the fingerings...

High G#/Ab
½ 123 | 4567

High A
½ 123 | ---7

High A#/Bb
½ 12- | --6-

High B
½ 123 | 4567 B

High C
(½) 12- | 45-7 (B)

High C#/Db
½ 12- | 45-7

Now if only I could find a high D... happy recordering, everyone!

* ½ indicates half-hole on thumb
* B indicates closed bell hole