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Thread: Noise pollution.

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    While I most certainly agree that silence(or the illusion of silence relative to the amount of auditory stimulation that we tend to recieve) sometimes is a wonderful contrast and brings as you said "a tranquilizing effect" that I quite enjoy.

    However, as others have stated in this thread I am of the philosophy that all those noises are in fact music in and of themselves and I enjoy listening to them.

    ... but sometimes I really just enjoy not listening to music or any other form of auditory stimulation and just basking in the silence.

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    I go hiking/kayaking a lot, and when you get out there with no people around, you really realize just how much noisier a community is. During the day I don't really notice all the cars screeching, sirens blaring, and people yelling, but when I get out there it is just completely peaceful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComposerOfAvantGarde View Post
    I like listening to people screaming as long as they aren't related to me.
    I find muffling the screams with a gag can... *ahem* Lovely furniture.

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