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Thread: Jaroussky verses Bartoli, Which do you prefer?

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    Default Jaroussky verses Bartoli, Which do you prefer?

    I found two copies of Sposa Non Mi Conosci. One by Jaroussky and one by Bartoli. Which do you prefer?

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    That is a near impossible comparison for me. I tend to prefer the female voice to male for such roles... but then again Jaroussky is one of my absolute favorite singers. On the other hand... so is Cecilia Bartoli. I find her rendering rich... sensual... where Jaroussky's is pure... crystalline... I might give Bartoli the edge for emotional impact... but that may just be my preference again for the female voice. Both are marvelous performances.
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    i like both of them

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    Neither for me.
    oops, OP dates from way back.
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