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Thread: Prokofiev's 'The Land Before Time'

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    Default Prokofiev's 'The Land Before Time'

    Actually it's by James Horner, but anyone who has seen the film and /or listened to the soundtrack - and who has some knowledge of the music of Prokofiev - will know what I mean. With direct quotes from 'Cantata for the 20th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution' and 'Peter and the Wolf', as well as the whole thing being lushly scored and written in best Prokofiev style (apart from the Diana Ross song), this really should be a must for any Prokofiev fan out there
    James Horner seems to rather like Prokofiev; his score to the Schwarzeneggar movie 'Red Heat' also has direct quotes from the 20th Anniversary cantata, and more Prokofiev-style material turns up in his score for 'Willow'.

    This is the end credits music (though the pictures are different) - even if you don't know the film, it's beautiful music to listen to.

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    He also quoted from the first of Debussy's Nocturnes for orchestra in that score. I'm not a fan of Horner X3

    most of his best material is when he's quoting other much better composers.

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