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Thread: The "Quality" of Vintage recordings

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    Question The "Quality" of Vintage recordings

    I know there may be several factors that come into play when choosing a CD, at least for some. I, for one- I'm not sure whether I'm alone in this matter- prefer to hear at least a sample of the music on a particular CD before I make the purchase- even if it's a song I already know performed under a conductor I admire and by a well-known orchestra I have always enjoyed hearing.

    Most of the time, assuming the CD hasn't been digitally re-mastered, and the performance is old (such as a Bruno Walter/Columbia recording from the 50's) the sound quality is a bit low. However, it can be said that the performance itself more than makes up for that-- especially if we're talking about an all-time classic or renowned performance. So, I ask, which "quality" takes precedence in your selection: the quality of the performance or the quality of the recording?
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    I rate the quality of the overall performance higher than sound quality. Even the best mastered recording cannot improve the overall performance, imho.

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    I'll only get a vintage recording if I know it's a good performer or conducter like Elgar or Fritz Kreisler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric683 View Post
    Most of the time, assuming the CD hasn't been digitally re-mastered....
    Mastering a CD without digitising would be very difficult!

    With historic singers I'll go with what's available except Pearl reissues with which I can't cope. Otherwise I'll go for a particular performer or performance. Recordings of all ages suffer technological defects but you have the choice: listen through the flaws or forget it.

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    The market is saturated with "great recordings" by "great conductors" with "great orchestras", which to some degree all sound pretty much the same. I therefore seek out precisely these "vintage" recordings, overlooking their potentially inferior engineering so that I may hear a performance that is unique, defined, and strong in its individualistic character.

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    I'm probably the only person in the universe that prefers scratchy old recordings (sometimes regardless of the quality of the performance). I suppose it can be likened to (say) prefering an antique piece of furniture to a new one even though they otherwise are essentially the same piece. Whether it's Blind Lemon Jefferson or Enrico Caruso or Louis Armstrong's Hot Five, I like the feel of the old stuff. By the way, I wouldn't mind some recommendations of old string quartet or piano recordings (the scratchier the better) or classic chamber ensembles or pianists that recorded pre-war (WW II) 78s and might have their/his/her stuff on CD.

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