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Thread: 15 Greatest Chamber Works?

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    Default 15 Greatest Chamber Works?

    Well, here is a listing I found on ThinkQuest for the "15 Greatest Chamber Works", listed in chronological order:

    1 - Wolfgang Mozart String Quartet in C, K465 "Dissonant"
    2 - Joseph Haydn String Quartet in C, Op.76 no.3 "Kaiser"
    3 - Ludwig van Beethoven String Quartet in F, Op.59 no.1
    4 - Franz Schubert Piano Quintet in A, D667 "Trout"
    5 - Franz Schubert String Quartet in a, D804 "Rosamunde"
    6 - Ludwig van Beethoven String Quartet in B flat, Op.130
    7 - Felix Mendelssohn Piano Trio in d, Op.49
    8 - Robert Schumann Piano Quintet in E flat, Op.44
    9 - Johannes Brahms Piano Quintet in f, Op.34
    10 - Johannes Brahms String Quartet in c, Op.51 no.1
    11 - Antonin Dvorák Piano Quintet in A, Op.81
    12 - Antonin Dvorák String Quartet in F, Op.96 "American"
    13 - Maurice Ravel String Quartet in F
    14 - Béla Bartók String Quartet #2
    15 - Dmitri Shostakovich String Quartet in c, Op.110

    ThinkQuest 15 Greatest Chamber Works

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    Certainly unacceptable. I accept that I have not listened to them all, but some must-haves are missing.

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    I've my own list:
    LvB SQ No.13
    Brahms clarinet quintet
    Brahms piano quintet
    LvB Kreutzer
    Tchaikovsky piano trio
    Haydn SQ op.76 No.3
    Rachmaninoff cello sonata
    Rachmaninoff second piano trio
    Medtner "epic" violin sonta
    Bach's solo cello suites
    Bach's solo violin sonatas
    Lekeu's violin sonata
    Faure's SQ
    Faure's first violin sonata
    Saint-Saëns first violin sonata
    Dvorak's SQ op.105
    Dvorak's string sextet
    Tchaikovsky's sgtring sextet
    Mendelssohn string octet
    Could go on for hours.

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    I was, myself, definitely more than a little shocked when I viewed this list. Not for what is on there, but more so because I totally expected a handful of chamber works to be listed which were not. Some examples of what I would have considered "shoe ins" to be on this list were:

    Schubert - Death and The Maiden String Quartet # 14

    Schubert - String Quintet in C major, D. 956

    Beethoven - String Quartet # 14, Op. 131

    Mendelssohn - Octet for Strings

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    My choices:
    JS Bach 6 cello sonatas
    JS Bach Passacaglia and Fugue
    JS Bach partita and sonata for solo violin
    WA Mozart Adagio and Fugue C minor
    Astor Piazzolla Fuga y misterio
    Schubert Trout
    WA Mozart violin sonatas
    Beethoven cello sonatas
    Vittorio Monti Czardas
    Handel Concerti Grossi
    Vivaldi L'estro armonico
    Kreisler Libeslied
    Kreisler Libesfreud

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    This is impossible for me to decide! The list is truly endless because all composers' big works can be transcibed for a chamber ensamble. Not so long ago I heard Mozarts 40th played by a piano quartet!
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    My favorites (not necessarily a Canon of Greats)...

    Mozart, Clarinet Quintet
    Beethoven, String Quartet Opus 131
    Beethoven, String Quartet Opus 132
    Beethoven, Archduke Trio
    Schubert, Trout Quintet
    Schubert, String Quintet
    Mendelssohn, Octet
    Mendelssohn, String Quartet in A Minor, Opus 13
    Mendelssohn, Piano Trio #1
    Brahms, Piano Quintet
    Brahms, Horn Trio
    Brahms, Piano Trio #1
    Brahms, Clarinet Quintet
    Shostakovich, String Quartet #8
    Shostakovich, Piano Trio #2
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    I know I'd squeeze in my list Mahler's Piano Quartet in A minor

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    Where is the DebussyQuartet, Ravel Quartet, and even the Piano Trio??

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    The OP list did include the Ravel Quartet but I prefer the Debussy.

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    Not much there post 1940. I'd add:

    Messiaen - Quartet for the End of Time (recently saw it live, a masterpiece by any definition)
    Carter - any of his string quartets, but especially the 1st
    Tippett - same as for Carter, though the 3rd is the most "epic"
    Lutoslawski - String Quartet
    Ligeti - 6 Bagatelles for wind quintet (just saw it live this week, a great piece)
    & Berg (pre WW2) - the two string quartets, but especially the Lyric Suite, a ground-breaking work...
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    Too based upon popularity I reckon - ie Dvoraks american is not his greatest chamber work

    As I know little of pre 1800 chamber music yet, my greatest of only the 19th/20th centuries are- in rough chronologiocal order -

    Schubert - Piano trio in Eflat m
    Schubert - 14th String Quartet
    Schumann - Piano Quintet
    Brahms - Piano Quintet
    Brahms - Piano Quartet in C Minor
    Dvorak - 13th String Quartet
    Janacek - 1st String Quartet
    Janacek - 2nd String Quartet
    Bartok - 4th String Quartet
    Bartok - 2nd String Quartet
    Martinu - Piano Quintet 2 - please please seek this out if youve not heard it yet
    Ravel - Piano trio
    Ravel - String Quartet
    Debussy - String Quartet
    Bax - Trio Elegiac

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    Bruckner's String Quintet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebastien Melmoth View Post
    Bruckner's String Quintet.
    EXACTLY. I wonder how they missed that.
    my top 15 list
    Bruckner String Quintet
    Schubert String Quintet
    Brahms Piano Trio no 2
    Brahms String Quartet no 2
    Mendelssohn Piano Trio no 1
    Chopin Cello Sonata
    Beethoven F major String quartet Ruzomovsky
    Beethoven E flat Major Piano Trio, Op 71
    Arnold Krug String Sextet
    Draeseke String Quartet no 3
    Draeseke Stelzner String Quintet
    Dvorak Piano Quintet
    Schumann Piano Quintet
    Dvorak String Quartet G major
    Brahms String Sextet no 1

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    I agree with the Ligeti woodwind bagatelles; they're just brilliant. My list would probably include some of these:

    Ravel: String Quartet
    Ligeti: Bagatelles
    Webern: Bagatelles
    Schubert: String Quintet
    Sibelius: String Quartet in D minor, "Voces Intimae"
    Rubbra: String Quartet No. 3
    Dvorak: String Quintet in E-flat

    and probably would include some other Sibelius, maybe some Brahms, maybe some Shostakovich... and some Britten and Bartok, but I still don't know any of the chamber music of the latter two much to my shame.
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