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Thread: Symphonies with less/more than 4 movement

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    Quote Originally Posted by elgars ghost View Post
    Rued Langgaard - symphony no.11 [Ixion]. A one-movement work which weighs in at around six minutes so it seems to me more like a tone poem or overture.
    That's very true, but what a cracking 6 minutes it is!
    There may come a time when Youtube won't let us do this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdwardBast View Post
    Miaskovsky's 27 symphonies break down as follows:

    One movement: 4
    Two movements: 3
    Three movements: 11
    Four movements: 8
    Five movements: 1

    Rachmaninoff's Third has 3 movements.

    Haydn 60 has 6 movements.
    You're right. How on Earth did I ever overlook Myaskovsky and Rachmaninoff??
    David A. Hollingsworth (dholling)

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    Havergal Brian's Gothic is in 6 monumental movements.

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