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Thread: Piece from Steve Martin's Roxanne (1987)

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    Question Piece from Steve Martin's Roxanne (1987)

    Hello Talk Classical members,

    I'm a novice when it comes to classical music, but I'm attempting to broaden my knowledge. I've started to train my ear and brain to identify commonly heard pieces in pop culture and children's piano lessons. One game I play with friends is IDing pieces in movies.

    For example, I easily identified Strauss's The Blue Danube waltz in the following film, but I had trouble with another piece. Can you help? Here we go:

    Can you help me ID a piece from Steve Martin's film Roxanne (1987)?

    It is heard during the scene when Martin's character is writing and mailing many letters to Roxanne (at approximately 1 hour 22 min).

    Please find the mp3 here:

    Roxanne music clip as.mp3

    It sounds so familiar, so I'm guessing many members will ID it immediately.

    Thanks to everyone!
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    Lightbulb Solved! Mozart's Divertimento in B-flat K. 137, 3rd movement

    Solved! It's Mozart's Divertimento in B-flat K. 137, specifically the 3rd movement.

    I kept listening to the Roxanne movie clip over and over again, and then I realized it was Mozart. But that's as far as my limited classical music knowledge goes. So I asked my dad, who is a Mozart aficionado (but not a fan of other composers, which is why I didn't ask him in the first place). He narrowed it down to a couple Divertimenti, and after that it was just a matter of listening to each one. Bingo! Divertimento in B-flat K. 137 3rd movement!

    Well, thanks for reading and for the help you were intending to provide. Sorry I beat you to it. =)
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