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    Default Glenn Branca

    I don't know if there is already a thread about this, but I was too lazy to check lol. Anyway, Glenn Branca is an experimental Rock/Classical composer. I found an interesting Article/interview with him on NewMusicBox today. Enjoy

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    Related to Ralph, do you think?
    I spent a fortune on deodorant before I realized that people don't like me anyway.

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    I remember reading about Branca a couple of decades ago in Guitar Player Magazine. I think he was doing electric guitar symphonies and other stuff. I never did get hold of any of his records.

    There's another guy doing new stuff like this that I've seen on YouTube, but unfortunately I can't remember his name. He was featured in Signal To Noise Magazine not too long ago.

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    He had Spiderman #1 and his mom threw it out.

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    I cannot figure out this uploaders numbering 'system.' seems he's replicated a few labels if not tracks.... It has been a while since I first checked these out, But there are certainly
    a number of links on youtube.

    article shmarticle, nothing like the real sound of what the guy makes to get the best idea....

    Etc. Its what he does, he got a major grant(s) to do it. All electric guitar-based.
    The glittery sound of combined beats in what sounds like a just intonation in the first part, I thought made a nice sound. After a little bit of it, it becomes for me far to 'monotimbrel'
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