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Thread: Your three (3) favorite complete Sibelius cycles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silence of Jarvenpaa View Post
    Sibelius's Sea Symphony... Is that a reference to Vaughan Williams No. 1? Or Perhaps Howard Hanson No. 7? Or some other reference I'm not picking up on? I'd love to hear your explanation. (And, just to plug my favorite* Sibelius tone poem, The Oceanides IS THE Sibelius Sea Symphony!)

    This is probably a personal perceptive thing. I've found Sibelius 2 closer in nature to Debussy's La Mer than say RVW's Sea Symphony. Images of powerful waves in a turbulent ocean often come into mind. While La Mer may be rather factual with its awe-inspiring nature, Sibelius 2 may be darker and more heroic at times.


    I'm onto Collins' No. 6. What a powerhouse! This is not exactly what I have in mind about this symphony, which I'd liken it to magical forest murmurs and vicious storms; but I appreciate very much the assertiveness in the Collins. This is impressive.

    I have a question though. About 2/3 into the 2nd movement, the "poco con moto" section is often played like mercurial quick steps. But not in the Collins. I don't know if he changed or maintained the same tempo, but it certainly feels like "a little with motion". Just “a little”, certainly not as much as in most recordings. Is my musically illiterate understanding of "poco con moto" correct? Having said that, I have to confess I do like the more apparent quick steps as in most recordings a little bit more.

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    For those interested in Karajan's Sibelius, in July Deutsche Grammophon is releasing a box of the complete Berliner Philharmoniker Karajan Sibelius on DG. All of the 60s-era Sibelius has been remastered for the bonus Blu-ray Audio disc. The past Karajan remastered recordings to Blu-ray Audio have never, ever sounded better in any previous incarnation!

    However, the digital 1980s Sibelius (including one of the finest Tapiola performances I know) is not included on the B-rA disc, since it was recorded at 44.1khz, 16 bit, and there is no possibility for sonic improvement from that format, although I wish they'd put in on the Blu-ray Disc anyway, for convenience.

    I probably won't be getting this, since the edition I have includes the great Kamu First through Third, and it would be too much redundancy even for me. Still, a pretty interesting release. I hope DG keeps the Blu-ray Disc "Pure Audio" editions coming.

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    No mention here as far as I see of the Oramo/CBSO cycle. One that I personally really enjoy because of its directness. A really undervalued cycle IMO

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