Hello fellow music lovers! R5 Records is here for you. With the closing of record stores all over the country, Classical music fans have been left without a place to shop for the latest in Classical releases let alone those old favorites. If you live in Sacramento, CA, or any where near there, you're in luck! R5 Records is open and stocks one of the largest Classical and Opera CD and DVD sections in the area! Our in house buyer stocks titles from all the leading Classical labels and loves to chat about all the hottest releases.

If you haven't been by to check us out, now is the time! From Thursday, 11/15 to Sunday, 11/18 get $2 off the regular sell price of all Classical and Opera CD's!!

Come by, check out our stuff and say hello to Neal, our Classical guy!!

R5 Records/Video
2500 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818