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Thread: Need help to identify this delightful music in the Amazing Spider Man!

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    Default Need help to identify this delightful music in the Amazing Spider Man!

    Hail everyone, this humble Brucknerian requests your help in identifying a very fun piece of music below here. I have probably listened to it sometimes ago, but simply cannot remember what it is or who composed it. Appreciate any help and clue!

    Ops, sorry for posting in the wrong forum!

    [Admin note: no problem - just moved it here]
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    It sounds so familiar, yet I can not remember, where I heard it. Anyone has any idea? I'm dying to find out, what it is!
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    A Strauss waltz arranged for string quartet? Definitely sounds like some light 19th century Viennese music (or something that emulates it), but that isn't really my forte..

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