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Thread: Haydn's op.76 no.2 First Movement

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    Default Haydn's op.76 no.2 First Movement

    Hello everyone...

    I am intrigued by this piece 'The fifths' and I wondered what you thought of it? And the big question I have to ask to get a debate going! whether you think the exposition and recapitulation are similar or completely different?!

    Let me know your views!
    Zoe =]

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    Ooh, good question. I will give a look to that. But that would surprise me if it is similar.

    I don't understand... As he did usually, he start the recapitulation with the beginning of the exposition but change it as it evolve from the exposition. So, they are quite different but with a few similarities as a recapitulation must have.

    Here is the movement in question
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    At first, I discovered the wonders of classical music through the marvels of its baroque period and especially those from Mr. Handel, which explain my forum nickname. About 10 years ago, my interest leaned over classical period and Herr Haydn's production. The music bus recently drove me to the early 1800s. Where will it end?

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