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    Default Law Publications for Musicians

    Whilst researching for the original source article for "The Commoditization of Symphony Orchestra Musicians" (frequently quoted on websites of orchestral musicians with labor troubles) I discovered that Case Arts Law has published several law articles of interest to musicians. They can be downloaded here.

    Case Arts Law LLC founder Kevin Case is the author of "Fiduciary Failings: The Case Against Reckless Symphony Orchestra Boards." The article examines the legal duties that board members of symphony orchestras owe their institutions - and whether some may be breaching those duties in the current slash-and-burn climate.

    Moen & Case LLP partner Zachary V. Moen is the author of "The Case for Ensemble Agreements" in which he discusses the importance of having a proper ensemble agreement in place and the key terms to be considered in an ensemble agreement.

    Moen & Case LLP Partner Kevin Case is the author of "Resisting the Comparison Temptation," which addresses the recent Chicago Symphony strike. Mr. Case responds to criticism of the strike that was based on the top-of-the-market compensation package of the CSO musicians as compared to other orchestras - and why such criticism is misguided and counterproductive for all musicians.

    Moen & Case LLP Partner Kevin Case is the author of "The Commoditization of Symphony Orchestra Musicians," which takes note of a recent and disturbing trend among some orchestra managers and board chairs to view musicians as wholly replaceable, interchangeable parts - mere commodities, in other words. Mr. Case discusses the alarming ramifications of such a belief, and suggests ways to confront it.

    Moen & Case LLP Partner Kevin Case is the author of "Collective Bargaining: Five Statements From Management That Musicians Should Always Question". The article discusses some of the jargon being used by orchestra managements in collective bargaining negotiations -- and offers advice to musician bargaining committees on how to counter it.

    Moen & Case LLP partner Zachary V. Moen published an article titled "Copyright 101 for Musicians" in the November 2011 edition of International Musician Magazine. You can read the article here.
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    Now they just hafta have the money to hire counsel.

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