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Thread: Schubert D899 Impromptu No3

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    Default Schubert D899 Impromptu No3

    Schubert composed this Impromptu no3 in 1821 after Beethoven's death.
    I want to know what the other forum members think about the influence on this composition?
    and how does this impromptu sound like music of Beethoven's?
    Also, does any one know what influence Schubert to have the style of long melodic line?

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    Beethoven died in 1827.

    Schubert died the following year, so they were essentially contemporaries, both being transitional figures between the classical and romantic periods of music.

    You are asking very subjective questions, so probably you would be best advised to listen to a lot of their piano music from around that time period and form your own views.

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    Schubert wrote the Impromptus in 1827 not 1821. He was influenced by Jan Václav Voříšek. Read more here:
    Schubert manages that most supreme of feats, to be melancholy without being maudlin, his pain is not a mockery of pain but truly heartfelt, and he manages to pass that though with all of its complexities in his music.

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