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Thread: Tan Dun - Eight Memories in Watercolour

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    Default Tan Dun - Eight Memories in Watercolour

    I'm really enjoying this collection of eight short piano pieces by Chinese composer Tan Dun. Does anyone know of any other similar works by Eastern composers? (Japanese would be great).

    You can find the pieces here, performed by Lang Lang:

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    You might find some pleasure in a number of the piano pieces by the late Toru Takemitsu
    Rain Tree sketch for piano

    Some of the quieter movements from Messiaen's Vingt Regard sur l'Enfant Jésus:
    Regard XI, Première Communion de la Vierge
    Regard XV, La Baiser de l'enfant Jésus
    Regard XVII; Regard du silence

    Older school -- (both Debussy and Messiaen were an enormous influence on Takemitsu):

    Debussy ~ Preludes, Book I, no. 6, Des pas sur la neige

    Louis Durey ~ Deux Pièces pour piano à 4 mains, II- Niege (starts @ 04'26'')

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    Adding to the Takemitsu: Les Yeux Clos II,

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