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Thread: musical forms

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    Default musical forms

    Happy to say that this is my first post. I have a question about musical forms. What are some descriptions that you would give about some common musical forms. I mean like "prelude""toccata"ect... I get the feeling like the prelude is melodic chord progression, but what about other styles/forms.
    The reason I ask is because I was listening to a Bach vinyl and was reading the back about how he had written six pieces each with the same forms in the same order, a this, a that, this, and that. So that's what made me wonder if each "this and that" had there very own style. I think that toccata is just piano, right? I've heard and played preludes before, so I'm sure I have the basic concept of them. Any quick descriptions for the Barouqe and Romantic era would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Indeed it can be helpful, for research, but is boring when it is given as a link in answer to a question, why not answer in your own words then the post will spring into life.
    I am not meaning to be offencive.

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    Yo ceve4life, If I were you I'd concentrate on learning about the sonata form - the Godfather of all musical forms!

    As for the musical eras, if you look at paintings and other art-forms from the different periods, it's interesting to discover that they will explain what was going on in music at this time.
    When all the paint has been dried, when all the stone has been carved, music shall remain, and we shall work with what remains.

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