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Thread: Hasidic songs and niggunim

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    Default Hasidic songs and niggunim

    Do they qualify? I mean, not just for being politically correct (I hate it!); does Hasidic music interest you?

    For those who vote "yes", I will give a few links. The problem is that you can't fiind the real good stuff on Youtube, and what you can find is often in lousy arrangements, Still here are two:

    Koy Ekhsof (Lord, do I long) - much too fast but still beautiful:

    Lekho Doydi (of Breslov):

    If, however, you like more operaic style, here is the immortal "Shavua Tov" (Good Week) with Ephraim Di-Zahav:

    And the thrilling "Din Toire mit Gott" (Lawsuit against God), with the great Jan Peerce:
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