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Thread: what software are you using?

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    Default what software are you using?

    Only recently purchased cubase studio 4, but been more and more advised maybe not best software to use, i get my ideas at a keyboard but i felt i needed to software to get a full like 3d sound of what my compositions may sound like, currently starting work on peices for a small string group so i can include myself on mandolin.

    any input?

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    Right now I'm using a blank cd for my software.
    judy tooley

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    I use Sonar6 Producer and reaper (free to try) on the PC`s and the venerable but so reliable Bars `n Pipes Pro on my elderly Commodore Amiga.
    This one does all sequencing and controils everything else.

    Have you tried Ableton Live? Apparently it is reall ygood if you are into stream of conciousness way of working rather than ploddin glike I do.
    Cubase I never did "get"! although it is immensely popular in pro and semi pro circles.

    Seriously do try Reaper as it is shareware that doesnt expire they just rely on people who use it being honest.
    Doesnt stop it being 90% as good as the top of the line pro products with a reg fee of $40!

    Justin who heads up the team was responsible among other things for Winamp, so doesnt need to make a fortune off reaper.

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    I use Reaper.
    If you did not make it with Cubase you probably wouldn't want to try Reason.
    I think Reaper is the best choice anyway, you get almost everything for free (or for being honest).
    By the way, you can always compose and listen to the results with Make Music Finale. They have a set of instruments that have a quite nice sound, specially the strings that sometimes are so badly emulated.

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