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Thread: Thielemann's Recorded Wagner - Is the Emperor Wearing Clothes?

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    Default Thielemann's Recorded Wagner - Is the Emperor Wearing Clothes?

    I ask because after having spent a bit of time this year with his Bayreuth and Vienna Rings and the Domingo Parsifal I am struggling to hear anything more than a competent conductor.

    I don't by any means hate these recordings - and there are certain parts that he does very well (despite having sadly limited vocal talents at his disposal) like the annunciation of death and both Grail scenes.

    But I hear none of the insight - revelation - that Barenboim, for example, achieves, or Gergiev or even Levine (to name three still active musicians).

    Is he simply the latest in a long-line of over-praised artists with the backing of strong publicity hacks? Or am I missing something?

    Edit: I should emphasise that I'm talking about his Wagner specifically - the object of much praise. I think his Rosenkavalier, for example, is marvellous.
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    May be some truth in that. The record company's love branding and if they keep putting the words Wagner and Thielemann together people will believe that he is a great Wagnarian conductor. They have done this for years with the 3 tenors...who can forget 'Pavarotti, the King of the high C's'!!!

    Rather than have another Thielemann Ring I would have preferred a Welser-Most Ring...instead we only got act 1 of Die Walkure

    It's interesting to listen to how different conductors and orchestras do a particular scene. I find Thielemann's opening on Die Walkure a bit weak and comparing it to the new Gerigiev or Janowski a very poor third.

    He's had 2 cracks at it on cd, albeit live...give another talented conductor a go!!!

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    Thielemann's Vienna Ring is nicely conducted. That is the only thing good about it.

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    I really found a lot in his Der fliegende Hollander from Bayreuth, though I suppose that has not seen a proper release.

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