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    Default My Dad's vinyl collection


    I am clearing out my Dad's stuff and have listed his much loved vinyl collection. The LPs are generally in very good condition, the 78s in poor condition. I do not have space to keep it and am interested in selling it. Can anyone tell me if there are any potentially valuable recordings? The (long) list is below.

    Many thanks, Jonathan.

    Turntable and Tape Deck

    Turntable Thorens TD160
    Tape Deck Akai GXC-325D
    Speakers Lecson


    Allegro The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde ALL882
    The Argo Record Company Limited Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood RG21 and 22

    ARTIA Dvorak Op.13 ALP 137

    BASF Verdi La Traviata BAC 3101-2

    BBC Records Hoffnung REF 157M

    BBC Records Party Time Roundabout six
    BBC Peter Ustinov REC248

    CBS Andy Williams Born Free 63027
    CBS Andy Williams BPG 62177
    CBS Berlioz Harold in Italy 61091
    CBS Brahms Complete Concertos 77372
    CBS Canterloube Songs of the Auvergne D37299
    CBS Greensleeves 30062
    CBS The Wombles 65803

    Caedmon Sir John Betjeman Reading his poetry TC 1557

    Columbia Beethoven No. 7 33 CX 1035
    Columbia Beethoven No.6 33 CX 1062
    Columbia Bellini Norma 33 CX 1489
    Columbia Callas 33 CX 1540
    Columbia Callas Lucia 33 CX 1385
    Columbia Mendelssohn Symphonie No. 4 33 CX 1006
    Columbia Mozart Magic Flute 33 CX 1013
    Columbia Mozart Magic Flute 33 CX 1014
    Columbia Mozart Magic Flute 33 CX 1015
    Columbia Mozart Symphonie No. 41 33 C 1002
    Columbia Mozart The Marriage of Figaro 33 CX 1007 , 1008 and 1009
    Columbia Mozart Piano Concertos 33 SX 1031
    Columbia Mozart Magic Flue 33 CX 1015
    in German
    Columbia Mozart Four Horn Concertos 33 CX 1140
    Columbia Puccini La Boheme 33 CX 1465 Disc 1
    Columbia Puccini La Boheme 33 CX 1466 Disc 2
    Columbia Puccini Tosca 33 CX 1094 Disc 1
    Columbia Puccini Tosca 33 CX 1095 Disc 2
    Columbia Rossini The Barber of Seville 33CX 1507 to 1509
    Columbia Schubert Song Recital 33 CX 1040
    Columbia Schubert
    Beethoven No 8
    No 8 33 CX 1039
    Columbia Sibelius Symphony No. 2 33 CX 1332
    Columbia Tchaikovsky Carpice Italien 33 CX 1037
    Columbia Verdi Il Trovatore 33 CX 1682

    Dacapo Benjamino Gigli

    Damil Scott Joplin MER 396

    Dance Centres Anna Northcot Ballet Classes DCL 001

    Decca Beethoven Piano and Orchestra Concerto No2 in B Flat Major LX 3083
    Decca Beethoven Five Piano Concertos SXLG6594-7
    Decca Brahms LXT2778
    Decca Chopin Piano Sonata No.2 LXT 5093
    Decca Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor SET 528/30
    Decca Donizetti Maria Stuarda D2D3
    Decca Donizetti La Fille du Regiment SET 372-3
    Decca Dvorak No 7 SXL 6115

    Decca Dvorak Cello Concerto ECS 512
    Decca Dvorak Sympnonie No.5 LXT 2608
    Decca Franck ECS 563
    Decca Gilbert and Sullivan Ruddigore LK 4027-8 and 4028
    Decca Gilbert and Sullivan Iolanthe LK 4044 and 4025
    Decca Gilbert and Sullivan The Yeomen of the Guard LK 4029 and 4030
    Decca Gilbert and Sullivan HMS Pinafore SKL 408 and 4082
    Decca Gilbert and Sullivan The Yeomen of the Guard SKL 4624 and 4625
    Decca Gilbert and Sullivan Pirates of Penzance SKL 4925 and 4926
    Decca Joan Sutherland SPA 100
    Decca Joan Sutherland SXL 6193
    Decca Kathleen Ferrier PA 172
    Decca Massenet Therese Set 572
    Decca Massenet Esclamande 612/4
    Decca Mozart Symphonie No. 40 SXL6225
    Decca Mozart Don Giovanni LXT 5443
    Decca Mozart Serenade No. 4 K488 and K491
    Decca Mozart Serenade in G Major K525 and Divertimento in D Major K136 LX 3061
    Karl Munchinger conducting
    Decca Mozart K488 and K491 LXT 2867
    Decca Mozart Serenade No.9 LXT 2671
    Decca Mozart LX3105
    Decca Mussorgski Boris Gudunov SET 514-7
    Decca Lionel Bart’s Oliver LK 4359
    Decca Orff Carmina Burana PFS4368
    Decca Pavarotti SXL 6839
    Decca Puccini La Boheme LW 5044
    Decca Puccini La Boheme SET 565-6
    Decca Rachmaninov Piano Concertos 1&2 SXL 6554
    Decca Railway Stories PA270
    Decca Rossini LW5039
    Decca Schubert Symphonie No. 5 LX3082
    Decca Strauss DT300
    Decca Tchaikovsky Violin Concertos SXL 6493
    Decca Tom Lehrer Revisited LK4375
    Decca Wagner The Flying Dutchman LW 5106
    Decca Verdi Luisa Miller 606-8
    Decca Verdi Aida LXT 2735 and LXT 2736 and
    LXT 2737
    Decca Verdi La Forza del Destino GOS 660-2
    Decca Verdi Nabucco SET 298-300
    Decca Verdi Falstaff 2BB 104-6
    Decca Verdi Macbeth SET 282-4

    Disney Burl Ives DQ1200
    Disney Heidi DQ-1194

    Disney Hans Christian Andersen DQ-1276
    Disney Hansel and Gretel ST3955

    DG Bach 138 820
    DG Beethoven Violin Concertos SLPM 139 021
    DG Beethoven Wellington’s Victory 643 210

    DG Beethoven Archduke Trio 2538318
    DG Beethoven Concertos for Piano SLPM138775
    DG Beethoven Concert for Piano and Orchestra No.3 LPM 18776
    DG Beethoven Concerto for Violin and Orchestra DGM 18099
    DG Beethoven 9 Symphonies 2720 045-10
    DB Beethoven Symphonie No5
    Von Karajan conducting
    LPM 18804
    DG Bizet Carmen 2740101
    DG Brahms 4 Symphonies 2720 061-10
    DG Brahms Opus 102 and Op 81 SLPM 139126
    DG Chopin Piano Concerto Number 2 2531 126
    DG Dvorak Nine Symphonies 2720 066-10
    DG Saint-Saens Symphony No3 Organ 2532 045
    DG Strauss Capriccio 419023-1 1972
    DG Strauss Ein Heldenlaben 2542 153
    DG Schubert Eight Symphonies 2720 062-10
    DG Tchaikovsky Eugen Onegin 2535 323

    DG Tchaikovsky Symphonie No. 4 SLPM 139 012
    DG Tchaikovsky Symphonie No.6 DGM 18104
    DG Tchaikovsky 6 Symphonies 2720 065-10
    DG Verdi Simon Boccanegra 2709 071
    DG Verdi Falstaff 2741020
    DG Verdi Don Carlos 138760/63SLPM
    DG Verdi Requiem Mass DGM 18155 and 18156
    DG Wagner Meistersinger von Nurnberg DGM 19047

    EMI Mr Acker Bilk Call Me Mister 33 SX 1525
    EMI An Enjoyment of Opera SEOM 3
    EMI Various A Shropshire Lad etc ESD7100
    EMI Beethoven Triple Concerto ASD 2582
    EMI Benlamino Giglei HQM 1194
    EMI Brahms Symphonie No.1 MFP 2012
    EMI Brahms Concerto for Violin and Cello CFP40081
    EMI Bellini Norma 29 0066 3
    EMI Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique CFP168
    EMI Canteloube Songs of the Auvergne ASD2826
    EMI Chopin A month in the Country ESD 7037
    EMI Children’s Favourites MFP1175
    EMI Children’s Songbook MFP1367

    EMI Conchita Supervia Various Songs HLM7039
    EMI Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor SLS 5056
    EMI J Dupre Cello Concertos SLS895
    EMI J Dupre and D Barenboim Beethoven the Five Cello Sonatas SLS5042

    EMI Elgar Sea Pictures ASD2721
    EMI Elgar Enigma CFP 40022
    EMI Faure Requiem ASD2358

    EMI Gilbert & Sullivan Ruddigore SXDW 3029
    EMI Handel Music for the Royal Fireworks CFP105
    EMI Handel Messiah SLS 774
    EMI Junior Hits 1365
    EMI Magic Roundabout MFP50017
    EMI Maria Callas SXLP 30166
    EMI Mascagni Cavalleria Rusticanna SLS 819
    EMI Massenet Manon SLS800/4
    EMI Mendelssohn Violin Concerto ASD2926
    EMI Mozart Piano Concertos ASD2887
    EMI Mozart Violin Concerto ASD2988
    EMI Mozart Cosi van Tutte SLS 5028
    EMI Noel Coward Variety of Songs EMS1331

    EMI Poulenc Stabat Mater EL27 02591
    EMI Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf MFP2126
    EMI Puccini Tosca SLS 825
    EMI Ravel ASD 2444
    EMI Schubert Trout Quintet ASD2328
    EMI Strauss Der Rosenkavalier SLS810
    EMI Strauss Arabella SlS5224.1C165-64 456/58T
    EMI Strauss Intermezzo SLS 5204
    EMI Swallows and Amazons MFP 50155
    EMI Sullivan Symphonie in E Minor ASD 2435
    EMI The Aristocats MFP 1429
    EMI The Best of the Seekers SCX 6268
    EMI The King’s Singers Songs for Christmas HQS 1308
    EMI The Tales of Beatrix Potter MFP5241
    EMI Tijuana Nursery Rhymes MFP1331
    EMI Verdi Otello SLS 985
    EMI Verdi Il Trovatore SLS 869
    EMI Verdi Rigoletto SLS 933/3
    EMI Verdi Macbeth SLS 992
    EMI Verdi Joan of Arc SLS 967
    EMI Verdi Aida SLS 2977
    EMI Verdi Un Ballo in Maschera SLS 984
    EMI Verdi La Traviata SLS 960

    Heliodore Brahms Concerto for Violin 478 137

    HMV Bach Goldberg Variations ALP 1548 and 1549
    HMV Beethoven Concerto No.5 ALP 1300
    HMV Beethoven No.3 ALP 1060
    HMV Brahms No. 2 ALP 1123
    HMV Eartha Kitt DLP 1067
    HMV Operatic Singing CSLP 501
    HMV Berlioz Harold in Italy ASD537 1963
    HMV Dvorak Cello Concerto ALP 1595
    HMV Gigli Neopolitan Songs BLP1034
    HMV Grieg Peer Gynt Suites 1 and 2 DLP 1033
    HMV Gounod Faust ASD412
    HMV Mozart Violin Concertos ALP 1281
    HMV Mozart Symphonie 28 and 32 CLP 1102
    HMV Haydn and Mozart Symphonie No. 103 and 33 CLP 1066
    HMV Mendelssohn Concerto in E Minor ALP 1669
    HMV Mendelssohn Concerto in D Minor ALP 1085
    Operatic Arias ALP1284
    HMV Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 1 CLP 1001
    HMV The Boyfriend DLP 1078
    HMV The Pajama Game Max Wall and Ohters CLP 1062
    HMV Fings Aint Wot they Used to Be CLP 1358
    HMV Tango, the Rain in Spain POP 477
    HMV Schumann Concerto in A Minor CLP 1008
    HMV Verdi La Forza del Destino ALP 1371

    London Globe Jacques Loussier Trio Play Bach SLB 1047
    London Globe Jacques Loussier Play Bach GLB 1011
    London Globe Jacques Loussier Play Bach GLB 1014

    Oriole Free as Air MG-20016
    Oriole The Sounds of Time MG-20021

    Oryx Bach For Brass MHM8022

    Marble Arch Charlie Chester’s Featherbed Fairy tales MAL 861
    Marble Arch Hark the Harold Angels Sing MAL 629

    MCA Andrew Lloyd Webber Evita MCX 503
    MCPS George Melly Like Sherry Wine M140

    MCPS Tito Schipa Volume 2 GV.564

    Panton Folk Songs is My Name 11 0501-2
    Panton Janacek Sonata for Vioiin and Piano 11 0214

    Parlophone Michael Flanders and Donald Swann At the Drop of a Hat PMC 1033

    Philips Beethoven Quartet No. 9 and 10 ABL 3157

    Philips Beethoven Egmont Overture S06001 R
    Philips Berlioz Les Troyennes 6709002
    Philips Berlioz Romeo et Juliet 6580 052
    Philips Berlioz Benvenuto Cellini 6707 019
    Philips Berlioz Complete Songs ?
    Philips Chopin Variations 6500422
    Philips Haydn No. 93 and 94 NBL 5037
    Philips Mozart Flute Concertos ABL 3059
    Philips Mozart K385 and K425 ABL 3067
    Philips R Strauss The Four Last Songs 6514322
    Philips Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews My Fair Lady RBL 1000
    Philips Schubert Quartet in D Minor ABL 3177
    Philips Strauss Horn Concertos 412 237-1
    Philips Tchaikovsky Complete Works for Piano and Orchestra 6703033
    Philips Verdi 6580 171
    Philips Verdi I Masnadieri 6703 064
    Philips Verdi Attila 670 056

    PYE Haydn Trumpet Concerto PVL 7012
    PYE Kenny Ball’s Golden Hits GGL 0209
    PYE The Carpernters Now and Them AMLH 63519
    PYE Sammy Davis Junior 6033
    PYE Tchaikovsky 1812 MRL 2514
    PYE Tito Schipa GVC10

    Riverside Peter Ustinov The Grand Prix of Gibraltar RLP12-833

    RCA James Galway The Man with the Golden Flute LRLI5127
    RCA Puccini La Boheme 80 203(2)31
    RCA Vivaldi Four Seasons RL25034
    RCA Verdi El Vespri Sciliiani SKB-R 2520/1-4
    RCA Verdi Falstaff AT 301(3)

    Shure Trackability Test Record TTR-110

    Supraphon Bartok Concerto for Violin SUA 10466
    Supraphon Dvorak Violin Concerto SUA 10181 and SUA ST 50181

    Supraphon Dvorak No. 8 SUA 10156
    Supraphon Handel 011 0450 F
    Supraphon Hudba Na Zamku V Roundnici 1 12 431-32
    Supraphon Mozart Nacht Music SUA1090
    Supraphon Smetana Prodana Nevesta 5862-64 8013-15

    Vista Uppingham School Choirs VSI 7821 1980-2

    VOX Beethoven Symphonie No.9 PL 10 000
    VOX Mozart Piano Concerto PL 830

    Whitehall Records Schumann Piano Concerto in A Minor WH 200 72


    Acorn Hope is a Star CF 233
    Columbia Chubby Checker The Twist 45 DB4503
    Columbia Christmas with Pinkie and Perkie SEG 1822
    Columbia The Seekers Open up them pearly gates DB7431
    Columbia Verdi SEL 1571
    Delyse The Railway Stories Johnny Morris DEL 138
    Decca Favourite Nursery Rhymes DFE 8539
    Parlophone Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade Free as Air GEP 8622

    PYE Francoise Hardy C’est Fab! NEP 24188
    HMV Beatrix Potter The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
    Vivien Leigh 7EG 114
    HMV Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit
    Vivien Leigh 7EG 101

    HMV Miss Maddison Joe Loss and his Orchestra 45 POP 1075
    HMV Manfred Man Doo Wah Diddy Diddy POP 1320
    HMV Noel Coward Successes 7EG 8300
    HMV West Side Story 7EG 8429
    HMV Verdi 7ER 5173

    RCA The Student Prince RCX-133
    Stanley Schofield Sounds Stories 8th and 9th RAC British Grand Prix EP502

    Nicholas Green 78’s

    Brunswick My Resistance is Low Hogy Carmichael L6121

    Capitol Never Trust a Woman Tex Williams CL13083
    Capitol Sometimes Jo Stafford CL13372

    Columbia La Chanson des Rues Jean Savlon DB1670
    Columbia Carmen Bizet LX824
    Columbia Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra Haydn DX933
    Columbia Narcissus Joyce Grenfell and Norman Wisdom DB3161
    Columbia Messiah Handel DX1299
    Columbia Messiah Handel DX1298
    Columbia Trumpet Voluntary Purcell DX1536
    Columbia Water Music Handel DX538
    Columbia Water Music Suite Part 3 Handel DX539

    Hollick & Taylor Coronation Anthem “I was Glad” Parry HT/676A

    HMV A Little Voice I Heard Rossini DB1979
    HMV Angels Guard Thee Richard Crooks DB2093
    HMV Aprite Un Po’Quecl’Occhi Tito Gobbi DA1946
    HMV Ave Maria Schubert
    Played by Yehudi Menuhin DB12788
    HMV Batti, Batti O Bel Masetto Mozart DB946
    HMV Care Selve Beniamino Gigli DA1956
    Concerto in E Minor Mendelssohn DB2460
    HMV Crimmond Glasgow Orpheus Choir C3639
    HMV Don’t Lets be Beastly to the Germans Noel Coward B9336
    HMV Banana Boat Harry Belafonte POP.308
    HMV Danny Boy B.9022
    HMV Fairest Daughter of the Graces Verdi C3086
    HMV Heavenly Aida Verdi Enriquo Caruso DB1875
    HMV His Excellency Regrets Noel Coward B9633
    HMV E Il Sol Dell’Anima Tito Schipa DA1161
    HMV Lets Say Goodbye Noel Coward B4269
    HMV Minstrels and Flight of the Bumble Bee Yehudi Menuhin D.A.1280
    HMV Miserere Verdi DB1199
    HMV The Love of the Thee Oranges Prokofiev DB3167
    HMV The Toreador Song Bizet C1400
    HMV Overture Romeo and Juliet Tchaikovsky DB3165
    HMV Overture Romeo and Juliet Part 3 Tchaikovsky DB3166
    HMV Overture Orpheus in the Underworld Offenbach C3801
    HMV Parigi O Cara Hoi Lasceremo Amelita Galli Gurgi and Tito Schipa DA1133
    HMV Song of the Vagabonds Webster Booth B9255
    HMV Se Il Mio Nome Tito Schipa DA874

    HMV Sogno Soave E Casto Tito Schipa DA885
    HMV Songs my mother taught me Yehudi Menuhin DA. 1499
    HMV Suite No.3 D Major Bach DB3019
    HMV The Earl King Schubert D3925

    HMV Three Juneile Deliquents Noel Coward B9946
    HMV Where are the Songs We Sung? Noel Coward B8722

    Parlophone The Gay Gordons Jimmy Shand and his Band R4422

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    Wow... Cant say the price but looks astounding
    'Listen, Mister god!
    Isn't it boring
    to dip your puffy eyes,
    every day, into a jelly of clouds?'

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    Quote Originally Posted by jng View Post
    CBS The Wombles 65803
    Probably this one

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    'Listen, Mister god!
    Isn't it boring
    to dip your puffy eyes,
    every day, into a jelly of clouds?'

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