The composer of a symphonic movement in 5/4 time wants to dedicate it to noble citizens of Ukraine. Since I am a poet he requested that I write a short verse in celebration of the noble citizens of the Ukraine.

Self Determination For Ukraine

The struggles of the Ukraine will not be in vain
If the spirit of hope they courageously retain.
The reward of the oppressors will be eventual defeat
and they will be removed from their power seat.

The farmlands of Ukraine produce a lot of fine grain
although not as much as the rain that falls in Spain.
But a breadbasket for the globe, may Ukraine continue to be
And may it always wear the robe of a champion fighting to be free.

Power does not always lie in tanks that roll across defenseless borders
Nor in the money that lies in banks that could deflate into mere quarters.
But power lies in the will of a people to be free
and the political skill to form a representative democracy.