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Thread: Specific query about Met's "Las Vegas" Rigoletto

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    Default Specific query about Met's "Las Vegas" Rigoletto

    First of all, I was blown away by the superb reset of Rigoletto into 60s mob-ruled Vegas. It worked.

    Next, the production was terrific, all the singers were fine, orchestra, stage mechanics, you name it. The storm & murder sequence at the end was breathtaking.

    Whether you liked the production or not, I've got a question regarding a specific sequence in that production. So unless you've got a photographic memory or you've got the Met DVD, sorry...

    The production by Michael Mayer was largely realistic (as opera productions go) but there's one "oddball" sequence I really need to ask about. So cue up your DVD please...

    Act One, track 5, just after the Duke sings "Questa o quella" and then the Duke begins to flirt with Countess Ceprano. They sing "Partite? Crudele!"

    For those with the Schirmer vocal score, it's #3, pg 9.

    This starts at DVD timing 9:55 to 10:00 and runs through the small duet (timing taken from the entire DVD timing)...

    Now watch the men's chorus while the Duke and Countess sing. They go through the oddest sorts of gyrations. What is this all about? The remainder of the production is quite realistic, no weird stuff, so these pantomime actions of the chorus are confusing to me.

    Anyone have a good explanation? And thanks in advance...
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