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Thread: string conertos on xylo/marimba?

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    Default string conertos on xylo/marimba?

    I'm thinking of playing some violin/cello concertos on Xylophone/Marimba Because it improves both my reading and technique. But I thought it might be cool to perform them as well just for fun :P

    Which concertos do you think would have a good transition from violin/cello to Xylo or Marimba.

    I'm going to play some of the Mendelsshon violin concerto with my girlfriend just for fun but I don't how it'd go for a performance. So just what others do you think might be nice?
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    bach, a and E. solo sonatas and partitas are also nice

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    one of my friends played the shostakovich cello concerto 1 on marimba.
    That might be an option

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