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Thread: Which professional contralto would you consider to be the best you have ever heard?

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    Gioachino Rossini - La donna del lago - "Mura felici" (Ewa Podles)

    Ewa Podles has them all for breakfast
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    most modern contraltos sing with a kind of woofy, collapsed headvoice that sounds a bit like a counter tenor and have somewhat forced chest voices.

    one of my favorites is Marie Powers

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    Diana Ankudinova could be the one for the ages with her dramatic contralto and unique timbre. But she doesn't want to be an opera or a classical singer. Here's her, aged 14, performing a Russian folk song. She turns 18 on May 31.

    Диана Анкудинова - Реченька / Diana Ankudinova - Rechenka

    Please note that this video is proprietary and must be watched on YouTube.
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