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Thread: Searching for Classical Music Piece

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    Hello all,

    I am trying to figure out the name of a piano piece I heard at one of my recitals. All I remember is that the name of the title had the word Color in it and I believe there was a piece about the color blue or yellow. Regardless, it was a beautiful, melodic piece that I would like to find, but that's about all the details I have about it.

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    Solo piano, right?

    It's not the Pokemon music is it?
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    Not much information to go on I'm afraid. But using your keywords - I found these two possibles on Amazon.
    Having tried a tiny bit out on Spotify - there is more what I guess you'd desribe as beautiful melodies on the Piano Colours and it has titles with blue and white on it.

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    Michael Torke, a synesthete (one who sees colors when hearing music -- colors often correspond to note frequencies or keys), wrote a number of pieces based upon colors, including Bright Blue Music (1985), The Yellow Pages (1985), and Ecstatic Orange (1986). I know his music by way of the orchestral or chamber orchestra arrangements, but it's possible you heard a piece in piano solo arrangement. Torke was a piano and composition student at Yale, when the above mentioned pieces were composed.

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