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Thread: New MARIA CALLAS box set......

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wolf View Post
    I saw these boxsets yesterday (american pressings in good condition, and as new):

    Barber of seville / Angel Records ‎– CL-3559 (in mono, i guess):

    Cavalleria/Pagliacci - Angel Records ‎– 3528 C/L:

    Ballo in maschera / Angel Records ‎– 3557 C/L:

    Madama Butterfly / ANGEL 3523 C/L:

    Also saw Traviata with Pippo, Stella and Serafin...

    Are they worth it?

    Because for Barbiere and Ballo i have the black boxsets (1997), and Cavalleria & Butterfly i have them in warner remaster.
    Ballo in the EU Callas Edition (black box, black disc labels) is one of the better ones. They didn't change much from the 1987 version--nice booklet too.

    Which Callas Edition Barbiere pressing do you have--US or EU--are the disc labels black or silver? EU is better. The early Angel LP Barbiere is bad: a lot of rumble and mastered too quietly, and you don't want the mono mix. The best Barbiere is 1986 EMI/Angel CD or the 1993 EMI Classics pressing (and Warner is not bad). Cavalleria on Warner is not good but not bad: they all have distortion (the LPs have less--but it's on three sides). The Warner Butterfly is terrible; it sounds like the Callas Edition with some studio noises removed.

    The early LPs (except Barbiere) will sound beautiful but are you sure you want used LPs? You never know the condition after 60 years. Also, being US Angels, they are in automatic sequence (sides 1-6, 2-5, 3-4 for a 3-LP set) which is a nuisance. On the plus side, they all look like the right pressings--red-label Angels. (I don't know the Stella Traviata--so I can't evaluate it).

    Can't you find Hardwick's first EMI CDs (1985-89/1991-92)--note that US 1993 EMI Classics pressing for Butterfly is the best; the earlier EMI/Angels from W. Germany are muffled for that one. They can usually be found very inexpensively.
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    Thank you RES!! black box of Barbiere is that with the silver labels. For the Hardwicks' CDs i have only Il Turco and the stereo Norma.

    As for the LPs, I'm going to think better. I checked them in the store and they are in good condition because they almost have no use marks. From that same series I have the mono Norma (3517 C) also in very good condition, so the automatic sequence does not see it as a problem (only for Cavalleria on 3 sides...). When I buy LPs or CDs I try to find them in the best possible condition. Just in the same store, I found the first pressing of Butterfly with Steber/Tucker. It was like new and good price, so I didn't think twice.

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