I've been trying to figure out what song this is for about two years now, and I've exhausted every lead I can think of. I've asked all of my old orchestra friends if they remember, I've tried searching databases, I've listened through hundreds of clips from similar songs, but I just can't remember enough to find it. All I could think to do is make a midi from what I remember and see if anyone recognizes it.

This is a very short snippet from a song that I learned to play with my high school orchestra many years ago. I can't remember what it's called or who composed it. All I remember is that it is the second movement (or maybe third...?), and that there is a very brief--but quite lovely--cello duet. I believe that there is a violin duet earlier in the first movement, but I could be mistaken. This is the part of the duet that I learned to play; I can't even remember how the other half goes.

I know this is EXTREMELY vague, but I would be forever and ever grateful if anyone could help me identify it!

clippy thingy.mid