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Thread: Chamber/Piano transcriptions of orchestral works

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    Bruckner's symphonies are so unique because of their orchestration and themes, which are really best suited to an organ. It is a paradox that Bruckner hardly ever composed for the organ, yet was an organist. He was thinking "organ" when he was composing for orchestra.

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    Neither chamber ensemble nor a piano but transcriptions of Beethoven's symphonies to be played on the organ. The work has been performed by one Ernst-Erich Stender. I came across this at one of the internet stations I listen to. link...the 5th symphony will be aired at 22:23 PST (24th Aug.). It seems interesting, but alas I will not be able to listen to it.

    Samples are available here.

    Want a piece of classical music identified? Post a link or upload a clip here. Someone might have an answer.

    A quick and gentle introduction to audio formats and compression

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