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Thread: Michael Jackson History Trailer

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    Default Michael Jackson History Trailer

    Hi there

    I am a huge Michael Jackson fan & i need help identifying some music used in his History album trailer from 1995

    Here is a link to the video:

    The music i need to identify is from 2mins up to the end
    Please help me if you can

    Thank you in advance

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    No idea what it is. Why don't you look on amazon or wikipedia for a list of tracks on the History dvd.

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    Apparently Michael Jackson's first act as Supreme Leader of North Korea will be to change the written script to Linear B. Only then will he erect a thirty-storey statue of himself in, um, St.Peters Square in Vatican City, which obviously needs to be protected by riot police from adoring mallrats.

    I don't think the music is from the pen of a classical composer, much more likely to be whatever generic soundtrack-stuff the advertising agency has on hand.

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