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Thread: need help.

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    I recorded this recently... needed it as accompaniment for a school choir concert next week. But there's something wrong with the playback.
    The violin version seems to come in a split second later than the piano. I did it with the dual function... U know the recording while playing the another track thing.
    I wonder if u guys has used it b4? Is it supposed to end up like that? And how do I solve the problem? I've tried aligning the track, but there's no difference. :blink:

    And Is it really obvious? Or quite oblivious actually? It sounds wierd to me, as I already know the song... so I really need comments. Thanks.
    BTW, u've to go to soundclick again. Very sorry, LOL. Thanks.

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    I didn't download it, something wrong with my soundclick account (password forgotten). But never mind.

    About the dual recording thing:

    You made 2 tracks, yes? Do you have the original version of it saved? What software? It shall be easy to drag one track in the right position.

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