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Thread: The 'Human' Piano

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    Default The 'Human' Piano

    A more 'human' piano unveiled in Budapest

    Created by Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi, the Bogányi Piano promises ‘sound beyond time’.

    Full article:

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    Humbly begging the OP's pardon. I had gone on a mild rant that 'just a picture was not enough' and clearly missed the link to the article.

    Still, an audio link would be the most telling of all, and I wonder why that does not cross the writer / publisher's minds?

    Best regards.
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    Interesting that the Boccioni/stealth look is due to sound considerations.

    Another alternative design was Poul Henningsen´s (1931):


    But it seems to have been focused on fashionable materials and visual appearance. The sound however was/is considered quite poor.
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    The case looks nice... I'd really need to hear the sound to decide if there is a big difference, though.

    I always find reinventions fun, though. I saw the fluid piano a while ago:

    Perhaps more viable than other microtonal piano variants.

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